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TimeForPaperwork residential letting agency is owned and managed by me, Debbie Sharkey.

I have owned my own rental property in Weston Super Mare for over 20 years and initially had my properties fully managed whilst working full time. My personal circumstances changed and I became more involved in the properties to the extent that I decided to manage them myself. I now meet the tenants before I have found them a property and create a great rapport with them. This gives me an insight into their circumstances and can get a better understanding of whether they will be "good" tenants.

As a landlord myself I know that not fixing issues with the properties in a timely manner frustrates the tenant and on the other hand when the tenant themselves is asking for something that is unnecessary I know how that frustrates the landlord.

I am a peoples person and have developed my business through word of mouth due to my great customer service.

Debbie-Sharkey - Time For Paperwork - Letting Agent in Weston-super-Mare

As well as my experience as a landlord I have been a tenant as well, so had the fortune to experience 'both sides of the coin' in the private rented sector.

With my practical individual approach to letting, I hope you take the opportunity to experience my service. TimeForPaperwork does genuinely give you the landlord time to not have to think about your property.

Please contact me, telephone or email me, if you have any questions about letting or renting. Happy to help

Debbie Sharkey

Time For Paperwork

Time For Paperwork provides property management for Somerset residential landlords, carries out inventories, meets potential tenants, checks in and out a property and implements tenacious material quotes for tradesmen and architects.


I have used the services of "Time for Paperwork" for the last 3 years and have always been very happy with the service I have received.....



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